Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Show Time

This past Sunday we went to a pitbull show up in Taylorsville, NC. They had a show and weight pulling going on. Really neat to watch. I also got to meet a fellow pitbull lover with whom I've chatted back & forth in email. Hi Felicia! It was really cool to meet ya... in person! Hope to make to the next show too!

Unfortunately, I didn't get to take Storm with me. But at the show, there was the next closest thing... an almost identical look alike to Storm! Her name was Luna, she was just as adorable and sweet like Storm. Can you tell which picture is of Storm? Look for yourself! (Hint: Storm's picture is taken inside a house.

Take a look at the dog in the center of the pic... isn't he huge?!?!?!


Conners said...

That's so cool to have another dog look so much like beautiful Storm, but you can't fool Auntie Connie. I KNOW my neice no problem!!!! LOL

Cairo The Boxer said...

It must be her long lost sister.